How it works

Church Email is super simple!

1. Sign up

Using our Sign Up form, you will let us know which plan you wish to sign up for, and the email accounts you would like setting up on your domain name.

2. Verify your domain name

We add your account to our hosting system and then ask you to verify the domain name.

We guide you through this, but just so you know you need to have the login details to your domain name ( for example).

3. Issue mailboxes

When your domain is verified, we will setup your mailboxes and then email you all of the details to send onto your users.

The mailboxes will not be live until you change your domain name settings to use our mail server.

Now is also a good time to add the mailbox details to your users phones/tablets. We have guides to help with this.

4. Go live

To make your new email hosting live, you need change your domain name settings. We will give you the settings to change.

Once those changes are updated it takes about 2-4 hours for the changes to take effect and your new mailboxes will start to see emails coming into the inbox. 

Now you can focus more on your mission.

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